The Roccasecca Project is a cultural apostolate under the patronage of the Angelic Doctor, initiated by alumni of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. We remain engaged in the life and future of our Alma Mater by fostering friendship and collaboration among alumni and students. Grateful for what we have received during our time as students, we resolve to build upon it and create opportunities for ongoing intellectual and spiritual formation.



Our History

It flows from friendship and a common love for our Alma Mater. It is a story still in the making, but one well worth recounting. We do not want to give up our friends from college, but we are not opposed to making new ones either. Join us as we forge our history.

Our Vision

We foster Catholic culture by gathering alumni and their families around the fonts of grace in prayer, study, apostolic service and camaraderie in Christ. 


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Upcoming Events

Fonts of Grace

Our Patrons

Orate pro nobis!