In Brief:

The Roccasecca Project is an independent association of University of St. Thomas alumni and students.

Our Name and Namesake

In 1225 Tommaso d’Aquino was born to the Count of Aquino in the town of Roccasecca in the Kingdom of Sicily. Strategic high ground for Roman legions to control the valley below Mount Asprano, the fortified hilltop town grew in importance during the Middle Ages especially due to its close proximity to the great Benedictine Abbey of Monte Cassino. Today the town of nearly 7500 inhabitants is located in the province of Frosinone in the Lazio Region of central Italy.

Our project draws its inspiration from the earliest stages of St. Thomas Aquinas’ life. From his early education under the care of the Benedictines and subsequent studies at the University of Naples, the mind and heart of young Thomas was being prepared for his mission. Much to the consternation of his family he felt a countercultural draw towards the mendicant life of the upstart Dominicans. After an ‘imprisonment’ of nearly two years in the tower of the family castle of Monte San Giovanni, the twenty-year-old Thomas ventured to the University of Paris where he continued his studies under the tutelage of St. Albert the Great.

The crags and rock faces which rise above the town of Roccasecca as well as the medieval ruins of the castle of the counts of Aquino together evoke the “dry rock” for which the town was named.

Our History

It flows from friendship and a common love for our Alma Mater. It is a story still in the making, but one well worth recounting. We do not want to give up our friends from college, but we are not opposed to making new ones either. Join us as we forge our history.                                                           

Our Vision

We believe it is worthwhile to support and critically engage the University of St. Thomas by our ongoing commitment to remember and live according to its deepest convictions and founding spirit. We foster Catholic culture by gathering alumni and their families around the fonts of grace in prayer, study, apostolic service and camaraderie in Christ. We also aim to connect alumni with current students to foster mentoring relationships and professional networking. In addition to hosting various events throughout the year, the Roccasecca Project also encourages participation in the University of St. Thomas’ Institutional Alumni Association and other involvement in service of the community.